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The new 3Rs are our Values


Values underpin all successful learning in a community. There are often too many cited, so VAST defines just three: what we call the new 3Rs:




  • Respect for yourself
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for property (and ownership)
  • Respect for nature




  • Responsibility for your thoughts
  • Responsibility for your words
  • Responsibility for your actions
  • Responsibility for your deeds
    • Deeds are defined differently to actions: deeds are intentional actions that help or make a positive impact on others or the environment.


that are positive. Schooling is social, and our community connects us with a network, providing more diversity, more links, more cultural connections. Positive productive relationships are not merely “friendships”. Positive relationships challenge us, stretch us, assert views that are not aligned with our own, and are nurtured via integrity, trust and respect.


At Living School, self-actualisation is at the root of the pedagogy in and outside the classroom. It is true, our purpose as educators is to provide opportunity to each and every child to develop his or her talents and capacity to learn.  However, Living School has a healthy emphasis on the collective. Our focus should be on UI: united intelligence.


In 1980, David Bohm, a colleague of Einstein, and one of the most influential scientists in the twenty century said: “The most important thing going forward, is to break the boundaries between people so we can operate as a single intelligence.”


A focus is on network theory, where we explicitly guide students to develop into hubs. Schools need to focus more on “we” than “me”.  How often do we hear statements affirming an individualised outlook on achievement? What mark did I get? How well did I do? What do I need?  Flip this to be a collective focus and we start to empower collaboration and community, e.g. How well did “we” do? How can we improve “our” achievement? What do “we” need to do together?


The new3Rs are the roots from which the stem of all successful learning grows.  


The stem is identified as engagement.  Engagement is a conscious presence of mind, often called focus.  When we focus on anything, we draw on our values but we rely on a positive set of attitudes and skills. Engagement is a compelling desire – a burning curiosity to search out answers by exploring interests.


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