Living School strives to be different in order to be educationally sound. To be innovative means we are new but we are experienced. We are not perfect but we strive to be. We are not for everyone but we dare to care. We want to be AWE-FULL. We know this relies on our community's TRUST. We earn this trust by our authentic courage to communicate honestly and actively. To this end, please find our communication tree below:


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JABAY - our food focus


Kindy | Y1 | Y2 | Y3 | Y4 


Y5 | Y6 | Y7 | Y8


 Y9 | Y10 | Y11 | Y12 | Y13


  • MAD - Music, Art and Drama
We emphasise and model positive and productive relationships. We encourage a collective impact on the intentional design of the learning progression from Kindergarten all the way through to Year 13. 

We engage in transdisciplinary and project-based learning to resolve a KeyStone question. We aim to make school inspirational & engaging. We adopt student agency purposefully. Living School celebrates our connection to our local region, to Nature and to our local environment via expeditions, excursions, onland learning experiences. We consciously plan peripatetic methods of teaching and learning: our community is our classroom.




We focus on the learning process:
forming connections to ponder the bigger picture; mastering concepts to understand with confidence; and learning in context to experience the aha moment via application.  We believe all students benefit from cooking, growing, performing, exploring and making.

VAST Universal Qualities for Success
Living School explicitly guides learners to develop a deep understanding of VAST and universal qualities for success. We believe a focus on the VAST Universal Qualities for Success underpins all of our Academic Progression, Emotional/Social Awarenss, Physical Challenge development, and Creative exploration of confidence.

We know that all people have the incredible potential to blossom but not always at the same time. And this requires the greatest power we all must embrace and strengthen as a caring, kind community: Trust.


MAPS for our campuses 

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