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Terms and Definitions


In the terms and conditions: 

Parent means the parent/guardian(s) who entered into the contract of enrolment with the School  School means the Living School  

Student means the student who is named in the contract of enrolment 

Principal means Conductor

1. Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment 


1.1 An offer of enrolment must be accepted by both Parent/carer(s) where appropriate unless the  School agrees to waive this requirement. Upon acceptance all signatories to the terms and  conditions will be jointly and severally liable in respect of the obligations contained in these  terms and conditions. 

1.2 The acceptance of the offer must be accompanied by a fee of $1500, which is refundable when  the student’s enrolment ceases. 

1.3 If Parent/carer(s) wish to defer the entry of a student to a different calendar year to the initial  request, the School will advise whether it is able to agree to this. If it is unable to agree, the  Student will be placed on a waiting list for the requested year but enrolment cannot be  guaranteed. 

1.4 Enrolment is dependent on the School receiving the first term’s fees in the year of entry not  less than 4 months prior to the start of the term, or such shorter time agreed in writing by the  School. If the fees are not received by the due date the enrolment will lapse. 

2. Conditional Enrolment 


2.1 All enrolments are conditional upon the School being satisfied in its discretion that the Student’s needs can be met by the School. The School may cancel the enrolment if it determines prior to the start of the enrolment that the Student’s needs cannot be met. 

2.2 The School may require Parent/carer(s) to provide reports and assessments necessary to  determine the particular needs of the Student. 

2.3 Competence in English is a pre requisite for enrolment. If the School considers that the  English language capabilities of the Student are not sufficient it may require the Student to  undergo an intensive English language course. If the required language level is not reached  the School may decide that the enrolment should be cancelled.

3. Progress of Student 


3.1 If the School considers that the progress of a Student is unsatisfactory and that it can no  longer meet the Student’s needs, the School may cancel the enrolment of the Student by  giving not less than one term’s notice.

4. Fees and Charges 


4.1 The School Board determines the fees and charges that will be payable from time to time  which are set out in a Schedule of Fees. The fees are revised regularly and may be amended  each year. 

4.2 Fees and Charges are also levied for co-curricular activities, elective subjects and sport.

4.3 The School may also incur expenditure for the Student’s needs on behalf of the  parent/carer(s) as it reasonably considers necessary, which may be added to the  parent/carer(s)’s school account. 

4.4 All medical expenses incurred on behalf of a Student must be reimbursed by the  parent/carer(s). 

4.5 All Fees and Charges must be paid on or before the due date set out in the fees notice.

4.6 If fees are not paid within 30 days of the due date an overdue charge may be levied calculated  on the amount outstanding from the due date. This charge reflects the loss which may be  incurred by the School as a result of the late payment. The charges payable from time to time  can be obtained from the School office.

4.7 If Fees and Charges are not paid within 60 days of the due date the enrolment of the Student’s  enrolment may be suspended unless the School agrees in writing to accept other arrangements. Failure to abide by any other agreed arrangements may result in the  enrolment of the Student being cancelled without further notice. 

4.8 Fees will not be remitted in whole or part if the Student is absent due to illness, leave or  suspension. 

4.9 If students are undertaking activities which incur extra fees or charges, not less than six (6)  weeks’ notice must be given to discontinue these activities or six (6) weeks’ fees for these  activities will be charged.

5. Withdrawing Enrolment


5.1 Where students leave to enrol at another school, the NSW Education Standards Authority  (NESA) requires that parent/carer(s) advise the School in writing of the name of the school the Student will be attending and the grade the Student will be entering at the new school.  

5.2 If parent/carer(s) wish to withdraw a Student from the School, notice given must be not less  than one full term’s notice to expire at the end of a term. 

5.3 If the required notice of withdrawal of a Student is not given the parent/carer(s) must pay a  School term’s fees plus GST.

6. Student Obligations


Students are required to have high standards of behaviour and:  

6.1 abide by the School Rules and Codes of Conduct as they apply from time-to-time

6.2 behave courteously and considerately to each other and to staff at all times 

6.3 not do anything which may bring the School into disrepute, including in print and electronic  media 

6.4 support the goals and values of the School 

6.5 attend and, if required, participate in assemblies, the School sports program, important school events such as Speech Day or other events determined by the Principal, and camps  and excursions that are an integral part of the School curriculum 

6.6 follow conventional standards of appearance while at school in accordance with the School’s  guidelines and the expectation of the School community, including when travelling to and  from school 

6.7 attend the School during school hours, except in the case of sickness or where leave has been  given or an exemption from attendance has been granted

7. Parent/Carer Obligations


The parent/carer(s):  

7.1 must accept and abide by the requirements and directions of the School Council and the  Principal relating to the Student or students generally and not interfere in any way with  conduct, management and administration of the School, 

7.2 are required to support the goals, values and activities of the School, and 

7.3 should view the School’s parent portal on a regular basis and/or read the weekly Newsletter. 

The Parent/carer(s) must promptly advise the School: 

7.4 in writing of any change of home, mailing, email address or contact details or other  information on the Enrolment Application Form. Offers of enrolment may be cancelled if the  School loses contact with the parent or mail is returned,

7.5 if the Student is absent from the School due to ill health or other reason,

7.6 in writing of any orders or arrangements that affect the Student concerning custody or  access, any change to them or any other orders or arrangements which were relevant to the  Student’s education and welfare and provide copies of any orders to the School.  

The Parent/Carer(s) also: 

7.7 must ensure the Student has each item of reasonable and expected clothing, clean and in  good repair, and all other requirements such as textbooks and stationery, 

7.8 should communicate with students, parent/carer(s), visitors and staff members in a  courteous manner, and follow the communication guidelines laid down by the School from  time-to-time and observe the Parent Code of Conduct, 

7.9 should use their reasonable endeavours to attend parent-teacher interviews and parent  forums and participate in courses offered by the School which are relevant to the Student’s  education,

7.10 must not use social media to denigrate the School, staff, students or other members of the  School community.

8. Health and Safety


8.1. Parent/carer(s) must advise the School immediately if they become aware of any special needs that the Student may have including, but not limited to, any medical, physical, psychological  needs, or any changes to these needs.

8.2. Parent/carer(s) must complete and return to the School the required health form for the  Student prior to the Student commencing at the School and provide updates if circumstances  change or as required by the School from time to time.  

8.3. If the Student is ill or injured, requiring urgent hospital and/or medical treatment (for example  injections, blood transfusions, surgery) and parent/carer(s) are not readily available to  authorise such treatment, the Principal or, in the Principal’s absence, a senior staff member  of the School, may give the necessary authority for such treatment. The parent/carer(s) indemnify the School, its employees and agents in respect of all costs and expenses arising  directly or indirectly out of such treatment.  

8.4. Parent/carer(s) must observe School security procedures for the protection of students. 

8.5. Students are responsible for their personal property and the School does not accept any  responsibility for the loss of their belongings.  

8.6. The Principal or the Principal’s nominee may search the Student’s bag, locker or other  possessions, where there are reasonable grounds to do so, in order to maintain a safe  environment for all students

9. Programs and Activities


9.1. The School determines the educational and other programs and activities conducted at the  School from time to time in its absolute discretion.  

9.2. The School may change its programs and activities and the content of these programs and  activities without notice.  

9.3. The Student will be required to participate in all compulsory activities including excursions,  camps and outdoor education unless the Principal agrees otherwise. Charges may be levied  for these activities and will be payable unless the Student is unable to attend due to ill health  or other reason where it is impossible for the Student to attend.

10. Academic Reports


10.1. The School will send academic reports to the address or addresses notified by the Parent/carer(s).

10.2.  Where Parent/carer(s) do not live together, reports will be sent to both Parent/carer(s) unless there is an Order of the Court or an agreement that the reports will only be sent to one Parent.

11. Leave


If the Parent/carer(s) wish to seek leave for the Student not to attend any School academic or co curricular program or activity during a term, they must apply to the Principal. Leave will usually  only be granted in most extreme circumstances.

12. Suspension & Termination of Enrolment


12.1. The School may suspend or terminate the enrolment of a student, either temporarily or  permanently at any time for reasons which may include, but are not limited to:  

a) a serious breach of the School’s rules or Code of Conduct 

b) conduct prejudicial to the reputation of the School or the well-being of its students or  staff, and; 

c) where the Principal or School Council believes that a mutually beneficial relationship  of co-operation and trust between the School and the Parent/carer(s) has broken down to the extent that it adversely impacts on that relationship 

12.2. The School will only exercise its powers under this clause to expel a student if it has  provided the Student and their parent/guardian(s) with details of the conduct which may  result in a decision to expel the Student and provided them with a reasonable opportunity to  respond and where there has been procedural fairness. 

12.3. The School may terminate the enrolment of the Student without notice if, either before or  after the commencement of enrolment, the School finds the relevant particulars of the  special needs of the Student have not been provided to the School or the particulars provided  are materially incorrect or misleading.

13. Privacy


The Parent/guardian(s) acknowledge that they have read the School’s privacy policy.

14. Amendment of Terms and Conditions


The School may alter the terms and conditions of enrolment at any time by giving not less  than two (2) term’s notice to the Parent/guardian(s) in writing which shall apply to both  current and future students and parent/guardian(s) from the date specified in the notice.

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